About Us

‘Crossing days’ is born in London where it blends with all colors offers much to the travelers and brings back the past days and ‘ Days are good, when all smell good’. Every scented candle has its inspiration where its flavor is originated from pastel wall at the Sugar House Studio in East London as it is mostly as colorful as Macaron. Each reed diffuser is carefully crafted with unique designed bottle, particularly, its bottle neck is rounded to lock all the scent within. The cotton reed can absorb and release the scented oil evenly to the air with the lovely decoration of colorful ball on the top.

Just like every delicate pastel hues correspond with every carefully selected and toned scent candle unique which smells as if they've just been taken directly out of rosy summery garden. Used pure soy bean oil, these candles supply a natural enhancement to the room or anywhere you put. Every candle has corresponded with each reed diffuser in color and scent. For example, it wouldn't matter if your mood or surrounding complimented or contrasted the frosted pinks and yellows with you. Essentially, the look - no matter how pretty - will never overshadow the smell, it will only work in your favor!